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The Narrowest Side Walk in the Word

September 13, 2013


This is a side walk in Jinan City, Shandong Province (山东省济南市). Its width is only 20 centimeters. The government officials claims that they were forced to build such a narrow street because they must allow two-way traffic of vehicles.


An Expensive Hope School of China

December 28, 2010

Source: China News


XXX Road in China

October 26, 2010


Haha, a road in Guangzhou, China is named as XXX?

Fish with a Duck Beak-like Jaw Captured from Xiang Jiang River

June 25, 2010

This strage fish was captured from Xiang Jiang (湘江) in Hengyang (衡阳) earlier in June 2010. Its 8 centimeter long jaw looks like a duck beak. Inside the jaw is full of tiny teeth. Its 40 centimeter long body looks like a snake. Its tail is 5 cm long.