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Angel cloud

October 15, 2013

This cloud pattern appeared in Florida on March 14, 2013.

How Chinese obtain deer velvet antler

October 11, 2013

A velvet antler (鹿茸) is obtained from deer antlers. It is a mainstay of traditional Chinese medicine, probably second only to ginseng in importance. But the way that Chinese obtain velvet antler may be surprising. Here are some photos.


A Pyramid in China

October 1, 2013


There is a Pyramid near Wuhan City (武汉) in China. By using Google Map, it locates at latitude 30o32’53.96″ north, longitude 114o26’6.86″, which is pretty close to that of Egyptian pyramid.

Is it an ancient site? No. It was built about a decade ago and was supposed to be built as a amusement park. But it was abandoned after the park was halfway done.

The Narrowest Side Walk in the Word

September 13, 2013


This is a side walk in Jinan City, Shandong Province (山东省济南市). Its width is only 20 centimeters. The government officials claims that they were forced to build such a narrow street because they must allow two-way traffic of vehicles.

A road plate in Haikou, China

September 17, 2012

It is said that this is a real road plate pole in Haikou City (海口), China.

No one dares to help a fallen senior

August 17, 2012


On August 10, an old man fallen on street in Shanghai. He could not get up on himself and his face was covered by blood. Many people surrounded him but no one dared to offer help. This is because that there had been several cases when helpers got sued after they offered help. In at least one case, helper lost in court because the judge argued that he wouldn’t have offered help if it was not his fault.


A homeless man raises abandoned girl for 13 years

August 2, 2012

On July 8, 2011, the 13 years old Xiao Li and her adoptive father Lao Huang (both faked names) Squatted at an abandoned well house in Nanjing City (南宁). Tear poured out on her face. This house is their home.


A copy of Tiananmen

December 13, 2011

This building is at Wuzhangyuan, Qishen County (岐山县五丈原), Shannxi Province (陕西). It is the main gate of a local manufactory. It is 33 meters high, 45 meters wide. It is a counterfeit of Tiananmen in Beijing.

An open car in China

September 17, 2011

A home made open car appears in Chongqin, China. It has a skeleton only, but can go at full speed.


What are they doing here?

August 18, 2011

A scene in Beijing on Aug. 18, 2011

Can you imagine what’s going on here on a Beijing street? It turns out that the U.S. Vice President Joe Biden is having lunch in a local restaurant. He paid 21 yuan ($3) tip. I wonder whether these soldiers get any share of it.