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Not a crime at the tip of tongue?

June 18, 2014


Dog is human’s friend in western countries, but maybe just another meat in China. Here are some pictures of an annual dog meat festival at Yulin City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region (广西玉林).


15000 dogs killed in 10 days during a food festival in China

July 10, 2011

The fourth annual Yulin Food Festival (榆林美食节) was held in Shannxi Province for 10 days. An estimated total of 15,000 dogs were killed during the festival. A restaurant owner proudly told a journalist that a flux of diners from all directions these days, are for a taste of their “delicious food” which proves that Yulin is the birthplace of dog cuisine.

A fully loaded truck to delieve live dogs to restaurants

April 28, 2011

More than five hundred dogs were in cage and were being delivered to restaurants in northern China to be butchered. The truck was stopped by animal right activists but they were only able to find that the driver had all the paper work from authorities. In order to rescue these dogs, they had to pay the driver 115,000 yuan (or 17,500 US$). The dogs were purchased from Henan Province. There were 520 dogs. Some dogs died already on the truck.


Illegal dog hunters killed a dog owner

January 15, 2011

It is well-known that dog meat is a delicious dish for Chinese. But where does dog supply come from? Now, Nanfang Daily carries a news report that tells the story. Behind the bad dog hunting is driven by catching profits: at almost no cost for hunting dogs, dead dogs in the price of 4-5 yuan (US$0.6 – 0.75) per catty, live dog to the price of 20 yuan per catty sold, the price on dining table has been as high as 40 yuan To 60 yuan (US$6 – 9).