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A Ming Dynasty City Wall in Beijing

February 4, 2011

Every time I go to Beijing Railway Station, I pass by Ming City Wall and I’ve never eye witnessed it closely. Today, I detoured to the wall on purpose. The remnants of the wall is not the original because outside plaster is a re-assemble. The real original artifact remains only the “tamped clay wall” inside. They are solid and strong. Liang Sicheng called it “lime concrete loess”.



There is such a representative

January 2, 2011

Here is a blog entry “There is such a representative” (有这样一个人大代表) by He Dong (何东) that I read:

I’ve translated part of it to English:


Top 15 Popular Posts of 2009

December 31, 2009

After reading “13 Popular Posts” (why 13?), I thought I should find out my popular posts of 2009 too. This is provided by admin’s blog statistics page. Here are my top 15 posts:


Every Scientist&Engineer@universe Should Have A Facebook Page

November 3, 2009

Keith Cowing thinks that “Everyone@NASA Should Have A Facebook Page” which I agree. In fact, I think what he is thinking is similar to what I have said: “Engineers, please write blog or diary“.

LaTex in WordPress blog

September 8, 2009

I haven’t used TeX/LaTeX since I left from academic world more than ten years ago. This becomes a problem sometimes after I start blogging. When I have to write mathematical expressions, I have to end to using either existing images (e.g.Normal distribution function, RSS — root sum square) or simple HTML (e.g. 24th Chinese Mathematical Olympiad, 24th Chinese Mathematical Olympiad (continued)).But recently I found that I might be able to use it again. The news comes from Ben Lorica’s blog that WordPress has enabled LaTeX. So, I’d like to try it with the interesting pictures from the following found functions.

The function is \frac{1}{3}(x^3+y^3) = 6xy

As you’ve noticed, the expression is actually given already. I don’t really need to write it out. Again, this is just an experiment with WP LaTeX. The web page found functions provides more examples.

For help, see LaTeX section.

Engineers, please write blog or diary

August 22, 2009
An engineer stands next to a 3 percent-scale Saturn V model in the Transonic Dynamics Tunnel at NASA Langley Research Center in 1966. Thomas Ivanco prepares a model of Ares I-X for testing in the Transonic Dynamics Tunnel at NASA Langley Research Center.
1966 2006-2008

As the date of July 20 is approaching, celebration of the 40th anniversary of Landing on the Moon is getting more and more attentions. Let us read two related stories about NASA. The first one is “From Generation to Generation: Filling the Knowledge Gaps“:


Following Bionicoder’s Blog

March 18, 2009

I found a blog at wordpress: Bionicoder. It is relatively new and has not posted many entries. It caught my eyes, however, because I share the same point of views. In fact, it is this blog that made me decide to restart my blog after almost 4 years. One thing it talked about was about a start-up company called Younexus, an online advertising company. It looks like everybody wants to make money via online advertisement, but are they making money? I think Younexus has the right approach. And I think Bionicoder should keep his blog updated.