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Tea leave picker must be virgin

April 25, 2011


On April 14, 2011, there was a job opening ad appeared on a website in Xinyang City, Henan Province (河南信阳). A company was looking for tea leafs picking workers must pick tea leafs with mouse lips and store tea leafs in a little busket which would be held within bra. The ad required that the candidates must be virgin female, healthy, etc.


Commercials Will be everywhere!

January 25, 2011

If NASA Needs Money ...

Sometime ago, I asked “Will commercials be everywhere?“. Apparently, NASA indeed needs money and will go commercial at least at KSC. Now the question is once again: Will it go commercialization at all its centers? If NASA goes in this direction, what about other federal agencies?

It’s Time to Advertise without Tracking Users

December 17, 2010

When was alive, a big issue was whether they should track user activities. What offered was a desktop application to help users fill in online forms and to offer coupons. As an exchange, users must allow to track their clicks – every single clicks. claimed they had the biggest database on MS SQLServer in the world. It was all the data collected from the users. didn’t survive, but user tracking does so far. So, what is the big deal of user tracking? It is all because of data mining technology. This technology helps advertisers to find the right potential customers. It is so successful that click-through-rate could rise as high as 10%+ from 1%-. But it is critically depend on data. A huge data warehouse is a must. And that is why online businesses track user activities. Now you see why Google wants you to sign in to get more features. Now you see why supermarkets want you to carry their discount cards. It is all about the information of your activities.


Does an advertising company have to use cookies?

August 28, 2010

According to wired news, Specificmedia, one of the net’s largest ad-serving and tracking companies, has been hit with a federal lawsuit accusing the company of violating computer intrusion laws by secretly re-creating cookies deleted by users.


Nexus One and You-nexus

January 4, 2010

As many bloggers said, Google will officially steps into cell phone market by introducing its Google Nexus One. A preview shows that this device is pretty impressive.

This reminds another advertising company: Younexus. Younexus is a small but aggressive company that provides online advertising solutions. Unlike many other similar companies, Younexus it does not collect any information or change IE browser setting at all. In my opinion, this should be the way to go for the sake of protecting privacies. I hate those that collect my personal information, install applications on my company, and/or change my settings.


Top 15 Popular Posts of 2009

December 31, 2009

After reading “13 Popular Posts” (why 13?), I thought I should find out my popular posts of 2009 too. This is provided by admin’s blog statistics page. Here are my top 15 posts:


The English Chinese Dictionaries I use

October 23, 2009

After I posted “Dictionary Day“, I was asked which Chinese-English dictioary and English-Chinese dictionary I use.

Well, it is the digital time, I’ve been using online dictionaries. For Chinese-English dictioary, I use iCiba. For English-Chinese dictionary, I use

BTW, when I need an English-English dictionary, I use Tray Dictionary as mentioned earlier in my post “Dictionary Day“.

Design a webpage with two related topics

September 10, 2009

craigslist is one of the most popular website but is a heavy mess. wired guys decide to help them for a redesign. Obviously, people do care about a design of a website.

When I was asked to design web pages, the top desires are always two points: First, User must be able to find what he wants by clicking in a couple of seconds. Second, user must be able to reach the page with minimal clicks.


How to avoid AdBlock?

July 7, 2009


When I posted my entry “Ad Block will continue while its creator dies“, I got a comment from Niudy:

Online advertising is an important link in Internet business food chain. It is like this diagram.
advertiser -> free media -> customer -> advertiser
If advertising is removed from chain because of ad block, then free media can not survive, we can not get free information from Internet any more. Let me ask this “Do you want to pay Yahoo for news and stock info?”. If you say no, then you can not refuse watching ads on Yahoo.


A political ad without politics

May 12, 2009

Reporters Without Borders is clearly a political organization. Its focus is to protect journalists worldwide. Its political campaigns sometimes are not welcome by some governments. It is interesting to see how they advertise. (more…)