How does Facebook lure users to participate its user experience servey?

How do you conduct an online survey? You just post your questionnaire on the internet and ask people to answer your questions. But if people ignore your request, what can you do? Here is a trick that I learned from facebook.

One day, I received an email from facebook which indicated that they were interested to interview me and they will pay me for the interview.


You are receiving this message from Facebook because we are interested in speaking with you to understand your thoughts and to collect feedback on your experience using Facebook.

Facebook is conducting a 45 minute, paid research study. This will be an in-person study taking place on 21th of MARCH at Facebook HQ in Menlo Park, CA and you will be compensated for your time in the form of a $75 VISA Gift card.

If you are interested in participating in this research please respond by taking the following survey:

Basic participation requirements:

      You must be at least 18 years of age
      You must be able to provide transportation to and from the study location (Facebook HQ in Menlo Park, CA)

Thank you for your interest.


Xuan Zhao
User Experience Researcher, Facebook

Since their office is on my way home from work, I thought that it was a good deal. So, I clicked the link provided in the email.

To my surprise, I was led to a survey page. Ok, I had to answer these questions first. So, I did.

After I finished the survey, I was told that I would be contacted if I were selected to be interviewed.

At this time, I realized that I was cheated. Facebook just conducted an online survey without losing any money.

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