Daddy, wake up! A new satellite will be launched

“Dad, do not sleep, there will be another satellite launch soon.” This is at the midnight of Oct., 30, 2012. The 37 years old villager Mr. Yuan of Jin Zhu Village, Jingwawu County, Hunan Province (湖南绥宁瓦屋乡金竹村) knocked at his father’s door. He also woke up his wife and brother. The family gathered under a dim light and waited for an uninvited guest to fly over their head. Sometimes, such an uninvited guest may hit houses and people.

Only until the second morning, people learned the news from radio and television that China had launched the first communication satellite for Venezuela successfully. But the villagers at this remote place had spent another sleepless night. Since 1990s, 11 towns in Suining County (绥宁县) are the debris falling area of first stage rocket launched from Xichang launch site and they’ve seen several dozens of uninvited guests.

This documentary “Falling From the Sky” is about the villagers. You can watch the video at:


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