A nine million dollar stone skipping

This is definitely embarrassing to a giant government. Back in February 2012, a former police official entered the U.S. Consulate in a remote area. That triggered a serious incidents within the top officials of the country. That incident doesn’t sound too bad as the person was a very experienced policeman even though the U.S. Consulate is guarded by police.

But a second incident happened two month later. Another person entered the U.S. Embassy in the country’s capital. This person is a civil rights activist. The government has spent nine million U.S. dollars to illegally house arrested a blind dissident for years. Yes, nine million dollars was spent to control the blind man. But he was able to escape. Moreover, he was able to run for thousand miles and to enter the U.S. Embassy in that country which is highly guarded by police.

Read more about the first man on Google or Wikipedia.

Read more about the second man on Google or Wikipedia.


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