China opens space post office headed by Yang Liwei


While China’s Shenzhou 8 is launched and docked with Tiangong 1 hub successfully, the Chinese post bureau is eager to make some profits out of it. On Nov 3, 2011, the very same day of the space ducking event, the Chinese “space post bureau” is open. The Chinese first taikonaut Yang Liwei is assigned as the chief of the bureau.

The Chinese Space Post Bureau is a combination of a real office and imaginary counterpart. The real office is located at Beijing Space City and the imaginary office is located at inside the manned space vehicle. It has a special zip code: 901001.

In the event of Shenzhou 8 docking, the Chinese post bureau issued two special envelops “Commemorate of Shenzhou VIII spacecraft rendezvous and docking to Tiangong 1” and “Commemorate of China Space Post offices open”.


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