A mix of drama and grievances

Source: dahe.cn

On January 22, 2011, in the morning at 9:10 a.m., five women kneeled down in front of Kaifeng government building (开封府) of Kaifeng City (开封市), Henan province submit their appeal to an actor acting as “Bao Zheng“. Their family member were detained for more than 150 days.

These five women live at the 14th group, Xingzhuang village (邢庄村), Linying County (临颍县), Henan Province (河南省). Their farmlands were taken by the government for development but they did not agree on the compensation for their lose. In 2009, their family members had conflicts with developers. They were paid additional compensations by the government. In 2010, the local government took more farmlands from them and were denied by the families. On August 27, the government arrested their husbands on charges of “extortion”. Since then, the wives had appealed to everywhere they could think of. But they didn’t get any result. Therefore, they sought this means.


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