Industry vs. NASA

I was reading R. T. Jones’ “Learning the Hard Way: Recollections of an Aeronautical Engineer” and learned the following:

In early 1930s, a bill was introduced to eliminates NACA. John F. Wictory, secretary of the Committee, kept a close watch on such legislative activities and he quickly contacted all aircraft manufacturers in the U.S., urging them to write their congressmen in support of NACA. The effort succeeded and NACA was saved from extinction.

One question comes to my mind: If a similar bill is introduced to the House of Representatives and someone from NASA writes to all airspace companies and urges them to write their representatives in support of NASA. Will they do it? I bet that they will write but in opposite tones: Shut down NASA and give the money to me and I can do a better job using less money and in shorter time.



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