Child abducted for 16 years, Court ordered trafficker to pay 28 yuan


When Gan Lin (甘林) was 6 years old, he was taken away from his parents by a trafficker Qiu Wenlong (邱文龙). 16 years later, Gan Lin was able to reunite with birth parents. Later, Late last year, trafficker Qiu Wenlong traffickers were arrested and sentenced to six years. The biological father Ganzheng Hong Gan Lin filed a civil lawsuit , claiming the loss of 170,000 yuan of mental damage and 28 yuan (US$4.2) pink dress loss. On June 2, Haizhu District (海珠区), Guangzhou City (广州市) Court announced the sentence: compensation Gan zhenghong (甘正洪) from defendant Qiu Wenlong economic loss 28 yuan.



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