China’s manned space science series


China’s first books series on Chinese manned space mission achievement and sciences from all angles and all dimensions “China’s manned space science series” (《中国载人航天科普丛书》) will be published soon.

The series contain seven volumes. They are:

  • Overall Volume (总体卷《梦圆天路──纵览中国载人航天工程》)
  • Astronauts Volume (航天员卷《飞天英雄──追踪航天员飞天足迹》)
  • Space Application Volume (空间应用卷《探秘太空──浅析空间资源开发与利用》)
  • Manned Spacecraft Volume (载人飞船卷《巡天神舟──揭秘载人航天器》)
  • Launch Vehicle Volume (运载火箭卷《通天神箭──解读载人运载火箭》)
  • Launch Site Volume (发射场卷《戈壁天港──走进载人航天发射场》)
  • Measurement, Control, Communication and Landing Site (测控通信与着陆场卷《碧空天链──探究测控通信与搜索救援》)

The series apparently target to the next generation.


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