I do not want to be a begger. I want to go to school

In nowadays China, there are second gen officers, second gen rish people and second gen poor people, … and this poor boy is not even a second gen poor, but a second gen begger!
Source: Wei Ran’s blog

A pair of black hands do not hide a lovely soul. He holds a big plastic basin over his head using his two hands and beg those who come to praying people. “Uncle, aunt, grandpa, gradma, …” once and again, …

The five year and half years old boy is Kang Zhaobao (康招宝) and has already five years experience of begging career. Among beggers in Hebei, Henan and Shanxi provinces, he is pretty well-known. He is maturer than his age and always please others. Every time someone throws a few coins into his basin, he always responds “Thanks ….”.

He has a pair of big bright eyes. He helps his handicaped father to do many things: taking out the open letter for begging, his father’s handicapped card and ID card, etc. He is indeed a child. When he sits on his father’s leg, it seems that he totally forget his begging status. He plays with his father and kisses his father.

He does not understand what hukou (户口) is. His father told me that this boy is at school age and should not beg with him year round and asked me to register this boy in government Hukou system so that he could go to school. At that time, the boy showed a pair of extremely eager eyes. I feel so sorry for the boy.

Just when I was talking to his father, the little Zhaobao spoke out: “I do not want to beg for food, I want to go to school!”

The name Zhaobao means to get treasure, a good wish from his parents. He is only a little more than five years old. Whether he could make the wish come true is a bid unknown. About one and a half years ago, his unmarried mother (his mother and father didn’t get a marriage license) was abducted by a man who was selling rat poison on street. His mother was a blind. When his father talked about this event, he was some disquiet and his eyes told me that he missed his mother.

Kang Zhaobao’s mother was originally an “adopted daughter” of his father and later became his father’s “wife”. The father Kang Qingguo (康庆国) lost his father due to illness when he was three. His mother couldn’t face the extremely poor condition and married to someone else, and left a mentally disabled youngster with five years old Kang Qingguo. For years and months, they never could have enough food. When Kang Qingguo was six years old, he followed some old people out to start begging life. When he was twelve years old, he was beaten by local security personnel and they broke his left ankle. Since there was no medical treatment, he ended up to permanent disability. At his twenties, he was begging near Xingtai train station (邢台火车站) and found an abandoned female baby. He picked her up and raised her up. Later, he found that the girl was blind. The girl grew up while begging with him. Then, they got “married” and had a baby. Kang Zhaobao is their third baby. The other two had died.

Due to the “special life” and “special mariage” of Kang Qingguo and Kang Xiaohong (康小红), Kang Zhaobao can not be registered into the Chinese hukou system legally. This is the most egent need of Kang Qingguo. He said: “The boy wants to go to school. But without a hukou, there is no school to accept him.” All the schools require that the parents to show marriage certificate and permission to have a child (准生证). But the woman has been kidnapped. There is no way he can get a marriage certificate and permission to have a child. He does not want to let the boy to continue this begging career forever. He really wants to get a hukou for the boy.

Kang Qingguo was a resident at Xumaying village, Qianhuying town, Longrao county, Hebei province. He was born in 1972. But his ID showed that he was born in 1975. Kang explained: “The government staff guessed my age when they processed my ID. When I found the error, I wanted they to correct it. But they said, ‘For a person like you, it doesn’t matter how old you are.'”

In the afternoon, I went to Xumaying village by bus. Led by the village director, I arrived at Kang QIngguo’s home – an old room that could be flooded and collapsed at any time. His bachlor elder brother opened the door and a bad smell blowed on my face. After I entered the room, I became speechless. Can this be called a “home”? Within a couple of minutes, I finished the “verification” of this “home”.

Open the letter for help

Help his father to bring out “letter to pedestrians”

Kang Zhaobao is tired after a whole morning begging on street and now sit on his father’s legs.

Kang Qingguo’s “home”

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