The outcome of unfinished homework

Imaging what could happen if an elementary school student does not finish homework. This happened in China: an eight years old girl was beaten 322 times since because she didn’t finish homework on time.

This happened at an elementary school in Heilongtan County, Yancheng District, Luohe City, Henan Province (漯河市郾城区黑龙潭乡坡杨村小学) on May 21, 2011. This 8 years old girl Zhang Jinjin (张津津) was beaten 322 times by her classmates using sticks ordered by her teacher. The order was: each classmate must beat her 10 times using a stick. Finally, 32 students beat her 10 times each and a math teacher beat her twice – total 322 times.

The girl didn’t dare to tell her mother what happened. The parents fought out later from other two parents whose children were also beaten for the same reason. The students said that they were always beaten by the teacher.

The math teacher’s name is Huang Erzhou (黄二洲), 32 years old, a member of Chinese Communist Party. He received Excellence in teaching awards and Model Teacher awards many times.

After several days, the school could not offer a solution. A vice principal said: “We will solve the problem slowly.”


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