How Chinese government controls a shangfang person


By law, it is legal to appeal to higher government by local residents if a complain can not be solved by local government. This kind of activity is called “shangfang” (上访). But in reality, it is extremely difficult and sometime dangerous. Local governments try by all means to prevent shangfang from happening. This document reveals a time table to monitor and control a citizen Li Liufang (李留芳) who dares to shangfang. The government formed a working group led by Tang Yongde (唐永德, phone number: 18962221788) and Ji Anping (季安平, phone number: 58062639) with group members Gao Jianxiong (高剑雄), Ji Xiaoxin (季晓新), and Lu Yongbing (陆拥兵).

This time table shows a time frame from Feb. 25 through March 17. They work 24 hours a day and three eight-hour working period. During each period, there are four people in duty. So, there are totally 12 people to monitor and control one shangfang person each day.

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