A Space Shuttle Model in the Bay Area

On April 12, NASA announced the New Homes For Shuttle Orbiters After Retirement:

There is nothing for the San Francisco Bay Area (note that Houston didn’t get one either). We actually have something here too: A one-third scale space shuttle model is displayed at the NASA Ames Research Center. This model was built for wind tunnel test. The test was done inside the 40- by 80-foot test section of a wind tunnel at NASA’s Ames Research Center.

Source: NASA

Note that the building complex behind the shuttle display is not the one that carried the test, rather it is the 80- by 120-foot full scale wind tunnel. The one that carried the test was in conjunction to this one which shares part of the complex.

If you like to see it, take 101 Moffett Blvd exit and turn east towards NASA Ames main gate. Before you enter the gate, turn right onto R.T. Jones Road. In about a half mile, you will see the model on your right. Unfortunately, the fence is closed and you can not walk close to it.


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