A boy beggar is sub-leased multiple times

On little Xijing’s back, it carved a butterfly on the left, and inscribed four characters “serve the country loyally” on the right.

On March2, 2011, a 12-year-old boy Wang Xijing (王西京) with back stabbed the word “beggar boy ” was sent to Shanghai for a free treatment. Four years ago, his father’s right hand was disabled and couldn’t support his family of four members. He had to “rent” his 8-year-old son Wang Xijing to an acrobatic troupe. Called “entertainer”, Wang Xijing had been forced to become a “beggar boy”.

Little Xijing and his father
Little Xijing and his father

Since then, he had been subleased many times and beg everywhere. Three years ago, a beggar head (丐头) pushed him down to ground and punctured a black butterfly and the word “serve the country loyally” using cigarettes and needles without anesthesia.

After he was leased out, his mother cried every day and night and became insane soon. After Wang Xijing was rescued by local government, she couldn’t recognized her son.

His father helps him put cloth on
His father helps him put cloth on

The family has little at home and they have a single bed about two feet wide. They could not afford to take the boy to doctor.

Doctors at Shanghai HuaMei Cosmetic and Surgery Clinic (上海华美医疗美容医院) learned the news and decided to help. They sent exports to Zhoukou City, Henan Province (河南周口) to visit the boy and took him to Shanghai. They used laser to remove the tattoo-like print on his body. Many people made donations to him.

His father teared out to express his gratitude. “I will send him to school and let him learn some words.”


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