A rich chief of the department of eduction in a poor county

Source: gt08.com

This is the residence place of the head of the department of education of a county – Yugan county, Jiangxi Province (江西省余干县) which is a national poverty county. It takes such a huge land that even a camera can not cover it with one shot. It is a two acre land. The value is 7000000 yuan. The interior is super but there is no way to get a picture of it. It is said that he has two more properties in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province (江西省城南昌). His name is Hu Ronggui (胡荣贵).

How could he make it? Here is how (according to internet posts by unknown users):

  1. Wantonly instigating the school under false list of students allocated to defraud state education funding. For example, At elementary schools of Hong Jia Zui (洪家嘴乡) there were merely more than 2,000 students last year, but has reported more than 7,000 students. Schools within the county are directed by Hu Ronggui and reported large numbers of false number of students and pocketed funding for themselves.
  2. Use his power of personnel to transfer teachers to receive dirty money. Transfer from rural to county is tagged 30-50 thousand yuan; Promotion to a vice president or dean costs 30-50 thousand yuan; …, each year during the Chinese new year, he accepts millions of yuans of gifts.
  3. Wantonly encouraged schools to receive remedial costs of illegal makeup and split the money used to buy extra educational materials. Students must buy them from specified bookstore and generally materials worth of forty-five yuan cost ten times the price. All the materials can not be bought to school, but only at home.
  4. Use his power at the position to allow at least 10 family members to be paid without actually working there. There are at least 30 people who are relatives of officials under him and who do the same thing. Teachers have pay half the salary received as an activity fee to Hu Ronggui.
  5. Illegally misappropriate public funds for personal travel. In 2009, Qiu Jianjun (邱建军) of Jiangzhu Cultural Center station of Yugan County (余干县江埠中心文教站) entertained the whole family to ravel Hainan Island and Singapore, and other places using public funds.

More pictures can be found at wenxuecity.com.

Hu Ronggui denies all the charges and doubt that he is being framed. “The house is mine, but is not so luxurious as posted.”

County Propaganda Minister Yi Xiangguang also claims that the post is wrong. “I can testify.” he said, after investigation, “it is a sheer fabrication to say that Hu Ronggui traveled using public fund.” Yi also said that Hu didn’t let teachers to give him half of their salaries.

Now, Hu is still at the same job.


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