Detain those who dare to shangfang

Source: Lawyer Liu Xiaoyuan’s blog

The administrative penalty decision stated that the person who are punished, Tang Guoyu (唐国玉), female, submitted petition to the State Council and the Central Discipline Inspection Commission four times for the demolition of their houses. On February 28, 2011, Tang Guoyu went to Beijing for petition (shangfang) and was sent back to Changsha (长沙) on March 6. Then she was transferred to public security organization for handling by the staffs at Tianxin District (天心区). According to the “PRC Public Security Administration Law, ” the second paragraph of Article three, it was decided to give Tang Guoyu a 10-day administrative detention penalty.

So, the conclusion is that citizens can be detained if he/she dares to shangfang (appealing to upper officials).



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