Anhui “Daddy Group” beg on street to rescue their dying children

Because their children are suffering from leukemia, six fathers have spent all the money they saved. In order to give sick children a chance of survival, They give up the dignity of man, they formed a group and visited different places in China and beg for donations on street.

This scene was taken in Wuhu City, Anhui Province (安徽芜湖市) on Match 17, 2011. They just arrived there from Fuzhou City, Fujian Province (福州) to start their begging mission. The siz fathers are: Zhu Haiqing (朱海青), Hu Mingjun (胡明军), Jin Haijun (靳海军), Huang Guozhong (黄国忠), Chen Shucheng (陈书成), Feng Jun (冯军). Except that Zhu is from Anhui province, the rest are from Liaoning Province (辽宁). They all have a child suffering from leukemia. So far, they have visited about twenty major cities in China.


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