Killer is described as repeating his piano playing action


On October 20, 2010, college student Yao Jiaxin (药家鑫) of Xi’an Conservatory of Music (西安音乐学院) hit a woman while he was driving to meet his girlfriend. When he saw the woman was taking his car plate number, he pulled a knife out and stab her eight times and killed her and then drove away. Later his car hit a pedestrian and was stopped by people nearby. In court, he admitted that his motivation of the killing was that he was afraid of being bothered by the victim.


The case seems to be simple and clear. But the investigation goes far more complicated. His school provided 13 award certificates. His schoolmates and neighbors filed four petitions for mercy. He himself published a sorry letter. His lawyer said it was a “passion to kill” (激情杀人). Now, a psychology professor Li Meijin (李枚瑾) of the Chinese People’s Public Security University claimed that it was a repeating of his piano playing action (弹钢琴的重复性动作).


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