The most difficult riddle


Ms. Liang Bei (梁蓓) is a Ph.D. professor, director of the International Real Estate Study Center, Beijing Foreign Economic and Trade University, director of CCIM China administration center, … So, she should be famous. But she just become truly famous nationwide recently by her surprising statement:

I think if boys of 80s can’t afford to buy a house ,girls in 80s can choose to marry 40year-old men . boys of 80s can wait until they are 40year old to marry 20year old girls ,it is also a good option .



After her statement, netizens make up the following riddle. Assuming her statement is No. 1. We have:

No. 2 A man finally reached 40 years old and found a beautiful twenty years old woman. He went to her home to meet her parents. The lady who opened the door was his first girlfriend while he was in college. His current girlfriend called out “Mom …”

No. 3 Her mother was shocked when she saw him. Before he could react, she took her daughter into a room and said to her: “You can not stay with him because he is your biological father!”

No. 4 Her daughter said: “I’ve already been pregnant with his child. …”

No. 5 At this moment, the 60 years old father of his current girlfriend stepped out and saw him. He whispered to the man: “How come you are here. Didn’t I send the money of your mom and your cost of living every month?”

No. 6 At this moment, the door bell ringed and the mother of the boyfriend of the girl came to meet relatives by marriage. Then she saw the father of the girl, she shouted out: “How come it is you …”

No. 7 The father of the boyfriend of the girl finished parking and came here too. When he saw the girl’s father, he cried out immediately:”Aren’t you my long lost younger brother?”

No. 8 The girl’s mother called the boy’s mother: “Mom!”

No. 9 The girl’s mother called the boy’s father: “Dad!” and she fainted.

Now, the question is: What should the mother of the mother of the boyfriend call the father of the mother of the girlfriend?


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