Live animal charm


Yesterday, I showed a dog that was worth 10,000,000 yuan (or about 1,500,000 US$) and today let me show you a fish that is worth of only 1 yuan (or 15 cents).

Recently, Beijing street vendors are selling “live animal charm”. They claim that those animals (fish, turtles, golden toad) can survive for three months, but most likely, they could survive for at most a few days. Those products are very popular since children like them. I don’t know the price, but it is said that the cost is under 1 yuan (or 15 cents). So, it is a high yield product. But the animals suffer for sure and will die shortly.

In a country where some animal can be worth of 1.5 million dollars while some other animals may be worth of 15 centers, I wonder what the differences of people’s incomes are there.


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