Children of a circus team were severely beaten

The girl Fangfang’s head has an area of skin without hair

The Chinese gangs that use children as means to beg for money are extremely crude. In Zhangji town, Taikang county, Henan Province (河南太康县张集镇), there are villagers who take school age children to beg on street nationwide. They told the parents that the children will play in circus. In reality, the children must fulfill their quote. If they fail to get enough money, the boss cut their tongue, nail their finger, etc. Children are all deeply hurt and are afraid of meeting anyone.

At Renzhuang Village, Zhangji Town (张集镇任庄), the 8 years old Ren Fangfang (任芳芳) was taken by circus boss Huo Xuefeng (翟雪峰) of Mengtang Village (孟堂村) at a price of 5000 yuan. She then started a horrible period of three years. When she returned to her village, she changed totally.

Fang Fang wearing a shabby coat of many years had frostbite on his face. No two pieces of scalp hair hair. Ear, nose incomplete. Tongue was cut in half. 10 has a scar on his finger.

Fang Fang told us, in the past three years, she begged on streets to finish the goal that was assigned by “dad” (the begging children call the circus boss dad). If she could not reach the goal, she would be beaten: “Using belt to beat me, use nails to needle my hand. My hands were blooding; Held me to throw to the ground; use scissors to cut my ears, my nose and tongue; and force me to eat faeces, ……”

Fang Fang’s father regretfully said, they have relative relation with Huo Xuefeng. During the past three years, Huo gave him 10,000 yuans. But he didn’t realize that his daughter has become disabled in many aspect. He argued with Huo and Huo paid him additional 22,000 yuans as compensation only.

The boy Song Hao was beaten by circus boss and lose four teeth with just one slash.

At a nearby village Songzhuang (宋庄村), the 8 years old Song Hao was taken by circus boss for three years and was returned recently. His mother (冯亚丽) cried that Song Hao must gain 300 yuans each day during his begging period. Otherwise, his boss would beat him. There was once that the boss slashed his face and four teeth fallen out. His finger was broken too. “There was a time that the boss put him into a refrigerator. He was almost frozen to death and could be only saved by fire.” Feng said with deep regret: “We are poor, and that was why we allow the child to go. But we will never.”

Villagers pointed out that there are more than ten circus bosses who live in Mengtang village (孟堂村). Those children who were taken were either from poor family, or their parents were ill. The bosses have had such business for more than ten years and made a lot of money. Among them, Huo Xuefeng is the richest man in the village.



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