Even pigs are flying, how can we fly?

The following is obtained from “图解中国的通涨:猪都飞了,我们拿什么飞呢?“.

Overview of Accommodation in Beijing (monthly, one bedroom)

Engel curve (poor, food and clothing, living well, relatively rich, rich, extremely rich)

Price of cooking oil (raised 24% compared to 2009)

Price of pork (per kilogram)

White collar’s savings: negative after rent, food and cloth, transportation, phone, misc, …)

Price of Moutai: 350 Yuan in 2006, 1800 Yuan in 2011)

Price of apples per kilogram

How much can you buy with a 20-yuan bill a year before and now

Han Han: I actually hope that the housing price keeps rising, retail price keeps rising, housing to 200K Yuans per square meter, gas to 20 Yuan per liter, and salary is still a few thousand yuans as it is now. Then let all from universe come and see us.


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