She is 23 years old

She looks like a child, behaves like a child and sounds like a child, but if you think this is a child, you are wrong. This is one episode of China’s talent show. “Talent Show in China” is very popular. I’ve written one about armless pianist Liu Wei (刘伟) before. Today, let me bring you another one: the 23 years old Zhu Jie (朱洁).


At the end of this show, Miss Zhu introduced her boy-friend 24-years old Qin Xueshi (秦学士). Mr. Qin was a student at the medical school of Central South University. But nobody allow him to perform operations which is part of graduation requirement. Finally, his grandmother offered him to operate on her appendix so that he could gain experience. Still, he could not find a job at a hospital. Now, he ends up to play on stage.

Well, at least he finds love on the stage.


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