Contratulations after a teenager passed a test for civil servant

This is a scene at Qianwu village, Qianku town, Cangnan County, Zhejiang Province (苍南钱库镇前吴村). The banners are to congratulate a teenager Mr. Wu (吴) passed the civil servant test for Xi’an custom (西安海关). Wu’s father is a business man who runs successful business in Xi’an City. What is amazing is that the banners are from dozens of province’s departments including United Front Work Department (省委统战部), Provincial Department of Forestry (林业厅), Provincial Department of Local Taxation Bureau (地方税务局), Provincial Department of Civil Administration (民政厅), Provincial Department of Transportation (交通厅) and Provincial Department of Finance (财政厅).

Source: WenxueCity

The media tried to confirm with several of those departments and they all denied that they’ve sent the greeting banners themselves. It is said that the banners are hanged by villagers themselves.


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