An English Spring Couplet


A Chinese blogger posted an English Spring Couplet on his micro-blog. On the right, it writes: “Eat Well Sleep Well Have Fun Day by Day”. On the left, it writes: “Study Hard Work Hard Make Money More and More”. On the top it is “Gelivable”. In the middle, it is a big golden “Luck” sign. The word “Gelivable” needs a little explanation: It is a new word invented by Chinese netizens in the year 2010. It means something is cool, or cooperative. Its origin is the Chinese yinyin “geili” (给力). “Gei” means “to give” or “to be given.” “Li” means “ability” “power” or “force.” So together they mean “to give force (to)” “be capable of.”

I believe this kind of English spring couplet will appear more often in the future.


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