A helpless village in Anhui Province

The following pictures are taken from a sina.com.cn blog. I don’t have time to translate all of them. So, I will pick up a few.

in northern Anhui province

Here, on the mountain, technology does not help.

Farmers work on their land.

Young people all left to seek opportunities in the big cities.

Left here are senior, children and disabled (both mentally and physically).

The old man takes care of his grandson while his son is making money somewhere else and has not come back for two years.

He is 78 years old but still have to work.

Children have to drop from school and work for the family.

She does not answer any question. When asked why she didn’t go to school, she started crying.

This is their classroom

There is no electric light in the classroom. The teacher went to the roof and made these natural lighting.

The windows are not equipped with glasses.

The teacher said: “Study hard and you will have a chance to go to Beijing when you grow up.”

The teacher told us that many good students had no choice but to drop out.

The school has five grades and one hundred and sixty students. Twenty eight of them live without parents.

This is the only fun they can have during breaks.

Here, married couples never divorce. Their parents’ deaths are due to accidents and illness.

They are twin: Wu Yujian and Wu Jianyu. Their father died in an accident.

Their mother and grandfather went out of town to work. Their grandmother is taking care of them.

I asked them whether they know how to write. They wrote “I love my country.”

Here name is called “dengdeng” meaning “waiting”. Her father had a traffic accident when he went out of town to make money. Boiling water tank crashed on his body. As a result, he had six broken bones and 80% of burning. After he stepped out of hospital, he went out of town to make money again. He still owes hospital more than 30,000 yuan.

Dengdeng’s mother is taking care of three children. She worries about her husband’s safety. She also worries whether he will be able to bring money home.

Dengdeng’s scores are very good. I suddenly thought about the famous poster from “Hope Project”. But that was more than ten years ago!!

Dengdeng and her brother’s awards

The peppers on the wall are their only vegetables for half a year.

The man of this family died in a work related accident in Shenzhen. Before May Day, his ash box was delivered to this home. The house has nothing really except a memorial board for the funeral. The third-two year old mother held three children and cried.

The man’s father is crying too. None of them realized to think of whose responsibilities for the death. All they said was: “How can we survive?”

Another family. Both parents are out of town looking for work.

Please see what kind of bed she had.

This boy looks very smart. But where is he going to end with?

They have to walk several miles commuting to school.

The school gate

Compare to this building for rich Chinese.

We cry.

Some people called them “F4“. But there is simply no comparison.

Please offer your love to them.

What do you think after you see these pictures?


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