A Ming Dynasty City Wall in Beijing

Every time I go to Beijing Railway Station, I pass by Ming City Wall and I’ve never eye witnessed it closely. Today, I detoured to the wall on purpose. The remnants of the wall is not the original because outside plaster is a re-assemble. The real original artifact remains only the “tamped clay wall” inside. They are solid and strong. Liang Sicheng called it “lime concrete loess”.

The wall is covered by tarragon and trashes. I looked around. High rise buildings are everywhere. The ancient high wall is not a “historic trash” and stands at this corner lonely. A gentle man is lying down and reading newspaper. I said “hello” to him and didn’t get a response. I realized that this was his territory and I was the invader.

A newly erected stele amused me. On the stele, it writes: “For the protection of cultural heritage, and reproduce the ancient capital, The Beijing municipal government seriously practice the important “Three Represents” thought and decided to overhaul the areas surrounding the ruins and repair the wall …” What is the “Three Represents” thought? It is: The CCP always “Represents advanced social productive forces”, “Represents the progressive course of China’s advanced culture”, and “Represents the fundamental interests of the majority”. So, the CCP has “always” represents this and that, what did CCP represent when it made the decision of demolition of the wall? I think it represented anti-intellectualism, ignorance and barbarism.

Here are some photos I took:

This is a translation from Su Zhanjun’s blog “明城墙遗址小游一记“. More pictures are included in the original post.


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