Data China

A set of data that describes China (Source: wei ai jun):

1. Renminbi is depreciated by 600%;
2. House price is up more than 500%;
3. Difference of incomes in urban area and rural area: 1.8:1 in 1978, 3.5:1 in 2009;
4. Ratio of overnment spending in budget: 30% in China, 4% in Japan;
5. GDP per million dollars of expenditure to support government staff: 39 people in China, 1.38 people in Japan;
6. Chinese workers earn an average of 6% of the U.S. workers, and China’s average housing prices has far exceeded the U.S.


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  1. Use donkey to fight against inflation « Paviavio           Says:

    […] China’s inflation is a headache for both rich and poor people in China. Recently, National Statistics Bureau published 2010 CPI. The annual percentage change is 3.3%. In particular, it is 4.6% in December. So, many people are fighting against inflation in their own way, such as investing in stocks, housing, or gold. During the spring festival, I saw a slogan “A donkey is a small bank”. This is local government’s propaganda to encourage farmers to raise donkeys. For me, it is hard to understand why a donkey is equivalent to a small bank. […]

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