About the music “My Motherland” played by Lang Lang at White House State Dinner

At the White House State dinner, Lang Lang played a piece of Chinese music “My Motherland” in honor of Chinese President Hu Jintao (see YouTube: ) at 5:42).

I am totally surprised by his choice because this song originated in a Chinese war movie about the battle on Shangganling Mountain during the Korean War. I guess either Lang Lang doesn’t know the history, or he does not wish to play at White House anymore.


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21 Responses to “About the music “My Motherland” played by Lang Lang at White House State Dinner”

  1. paviavio Says:

    A netizen “89MM” posted at a forum in which she mentioned my post. She wrote: “After explained the background of this song, the author ‘Sensationally’ (耸人听闻) said: ‘Either Lang Lang doesn’t know the history, or he does not wish to play at White House anymore.’ ” I wonder whether she understand what sensation means.

  2. charlesliu Says:

    You might want to google “China’s God Bless America” to see what this song is really about.

    Epoch Times, who originated the news, is Well known for it’s anti-China slant.

    To say the song is anti-American is like saying Star Spangled Banner is anti-British. We play it to the Queen, does it mean we are rubbing her nose in? The Revolutionary War and Korean War are both historical facts, so what does it have to do with respective state visits today?

    Lang Lang picked a song for the visiting guest, don’t read too much into it. It was also sang during the Olympics, in front of President Bush.

    • paviavio Says:

      Please note that I never said that the music is anti-American. My opinion is that Lang Lang picked up a piece of music that is too sensitive, too political, too controversial for such an event. Please also note that I didn’t quote anything from Epoch Times. In fact, I haven’t read their writings on the issue but I can imagine what they want to say.

    • Sheila Says:

      I read about Lang Lang playing anti-us song from a Chinese blog website, not from epoch times either.
      The times stamp from that Chinese blog is much earlier than the news on Epoch Times. Only difference is that Epoch Times is in English while the Chinese blog is in Chinese.

      But since you keep saying it is Epoch Times, I went there and took a look. Here is what it says, just the first portion of it:

      Title:Chinese Pianist Lang Lang Pleads Innocence; Hu Jintao Silent
      By Stephen Gregory
      Epoch Times Staff
      Created: Jan 24, 2011 Last Updated: Jan 25, 2011

      Lang Lang, a Chinese pianist, plays the piano at the White House on Friday, Jan. 21. The music he is playing is the theme song from an anti-American propaganda movie about the Korean War.

      At the end of the White House dinner honoring Chinese paramount leader Hu Jintao, at which Lang Lang played the Chinese propaganda tune “My Motherland,” the normally stolid Hu gave Lang Lang a hug. Hu was clearly pleased.

      In a letter to members of the Congress and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Chinese dissident Wei Jingsheng explained the significance of Lang Lang’s choice of music this way: “The song is the leading anti-American propaganda by the Chinese Communist Party. … Is that not an insult to the USA to play such kind of music at a state dinner hosted by the U.S. President? No wonder it made Hu Jintao really happy.”

      The Epoch Times has taken the lead in explaining the significance of Lang Lang’s choice of music, and that news has been picked up by media around the world.

      For the rest, you can go there and read for yourself .


  3. WP C Says:

    I, a U.S. Army “United Nations” soldier in the 7th Cavalry Regiment in Pyongyang , North Korea in November, 1950 when the PRC army came across the Yalu River, take exception to charlesliu’s explanation of why music used in a film about China’s aggressive entry into the the United Nation’s “police action” opposing North Korea’s invasion of South Korea in June, 1950 is appropriate to be performed in America’s White House [or, even my out-house].

    How a battle for a mountain in North Korea is China’s “homeland” eludes logic. The film is a People’s Republic of China propaganda piece and the music is there to make the point that their aggression was justified.

    Why the people in the White House allowed this insult to occur is indicative of a lack of understanding or defense of our country’s values.

    George W. Bush was a “guest” of the PRC and that was not in his or our control, but in a different context.

  4. WP C Says:


  5. charlesliu Says:

    Due to the anonymous nature of the internet, let’s for a second assume you really are 80-90 year old KW vet:

    – the artist Lang Lang posted on his Facebook that his choice of song was based on melody, emotion, and the Chinese guests’ familiarity, nothing else. Lang also asked netizens not to politicize his artistic choice.

    – the artist is 28, his generation doesn’t identify this song as anti-American at all. For today’s China this song is equivlant to their “God Bless America”.

    – So the likes of Fox news choose to sensationlize some obscure verse in the song. Are you aware in the 3rd verse of Star Spangled Banner we cursed the British?

    “Their blood has washed out their foul footsteps’ pollution.”

  6. WP C Says:

    I, for 81 years, have never assumed my existance.

    The newly arrivees should not question their elders nor the value of the sacifices of those who went before.

    What about the insults imbedded in the selection and performance of this unique piece of music ?

  7. Sheila Says:

    The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) has penetrated into the American Chinese communities.
    People like Lang Lang has been brainwashed by CCP propaganda, growing up in a society bombarded with CCP controlled media propaganda that only allows news praising CCP to come out. Any news or literature criticizing CCP is labeled anti-China or anti-revolutionary.

    The irony is that communism that CCP has adopted and enforced in China generated from Germany. So it is logical to say that CCP is anti-China.

    Due to the 60 plus years of brainwashing by the CCP run media in China, many Chinese can’t distinguish CCP and China, thinking that CCP is China. And actually CCP believes in communism, that is completely foreign to China and its 5000 years’ history and tradition.

    When you hear someone say you are anti-China if you criticize the Chinese government, they are probably victims of the CCP brainwash.

    When lies are repeated thousand times, they sound like truth and get accepted.

    • Gene Says:

      when you said that, you automatically became a brain washed one, no matter what country you are from. Your comment is not logical and ridiculous. I wonder if you learned this assumption from TV or movie or something else?

  8. WP C Says:

    Shelia, ypu are wise beyond your youth.

    Thanks for the analyisi.

  9. Sheila Says:

    WP C:

    I feel fortunate that I can have my own independent thinking and the freedom to criticize any government without feeling afraid of being tortured and thrown into jail.

    I’m grateful to the freedom and liberty that you and your generation have sacrificed your youth and life to fight for me and my generation.

    Thank you a thousand times!

    Take care,


  10. Henryw Says:

    It’s unfortunate that people like Sheila is brainwashed by her surroundings. It’s even more unfortunate that people believe what she said is true.

    The fact is r. Lang performed a beautiful piece of music very appropriate to the occasion. It’s not too sensitive or too political. Are we still in the cold war era? I would hope not.

    • charlesliu Says:

      Right, many have posted the fact no Chinese under 40 know this song as anti-US. My Homeland has since transcended its backdrop and became China’s God Bless America.

      I’ll just let Sheila’s Falun Gong/Epoch Time brand of hate speak for itself (I ain’t from China). So much for Truth Compassion whatever.

  11. minji Says:

    as a chinse who spent his first 24 years in china, it came to my knowledge today that this song is from that movie.

  12. noname Says:

    Any official declaration on this? Yet another way to take the little people’s mind from what we essentially have misses anc continue to: a life.

  13. Morris Says:

    I found a good article regarding this issue. The author pointed out that even the artist did not pick this song on political purpose, this Korean-war song is actually a good choice. implying the new era of China-US relationship. We need remember the history, face the new challenges to each other and build a future together.

  14. ralphxiao Says:

    I really love the song, even played by the simplest instrument, the lyrics are simple but emotional, it pulls the heart of the billions of Chinese, i feel sorry for the situation of the Current China, but i think our country will become stronger and stronger, like the lyric goes”we welcome our friends by tea and wine, but shotgun to enemies!!”

  15. Mitch Says:

    Hu Jintao represents a brutal regime which is occupying China and enslaving Chinese people.
    Government of Usa should not host such person and donnot feel shame.

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