Illegal dog hunters killed a dog owner

It is well-known that dog meat is a delicious dish for Chinese. But where does dog supply come from? Now, Nanfang Daily carries a news report that tells the story. Behind the bad dog hunting is driven by catching profits: at almost no cost for hunting dogs, dead dogs in the price of 4-5 yuan (US$0.6 – 0.75) per catty, live dog to the price of 20 yuan per catty sold, the price on dining table has been as high as 40 yuan To 60 yuan (US$6 – 9).

The equipment to steal dogs is also escalating. The hunters are equipped with infrared crossbow which can be purchased at about 2,000 yuan. The appearance is very similar to what the armed police special force use.

For the popular meat of dogs, the regulators have been in a very awkward situation: China does not have a standard for dogs; the market is not unified on the circulation of the dog slaughterhouse; restaurants get the supply through private channels or the free market without formal purchase. It is up to the restaurant owner to decide whether the dog meat is safe or not.

Recently, a gang of illegal dog hunters went to a village to steal dogs and were chased by villagers. They shot one villager to death using their infrared crossbow.

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