The first private “shangfang” car in China

“shangfang” (上访) is a special system in China. When a petitioner feels that his problem can not be solved by local legal authorities, he will appeal to the higher authorities for help. Recently, Beijing is taking new measures to prevent petitioners from traveling to the capital to air their grievances. China bans petitioners in Beijing.

This is the first private “shangfang” car. His owner is a CPPCC member (政协委员) of Shaoyang city (邵阳), Hunan Province, China, Mr. Wang Huimin (王惠民). He would like to collect 10 thousand signatures to sue the local authorities. The story goes back to three years ago when he introduced a proposal in the local CPPCC that limited the benefits of local authorities. The local authority decided to revenge. The local police along with hospital, Forensic agent, traffic policeman, police and city counsel and Discipline Inspection commission faked 42 documents. Mr. Wang was detained for 14 days in 2006. After he steps out from detaining center, he started his long but nonviolence way of petition. He covered the car with the case story. He is determined to drive this car to Beijing for his case.

The full story is carried by WenxueCity.


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