An Extremely Inharmonic Scene in Shanghai during China’s National Day Period

This is a translation from WenxueCity. It happened in Shanghai during the National Day holiday period.

it says: Shanghai relocation Services Office forged my signature, cheated while I live in school dormitory, resulted my mother’s sudden death at a stretch. the relevant departments refuse responsibility and lie. Now it is during the National Day for reunion, but I am suffering the loss of mother. Who’s fault!

During the National Day holiday, I invited friends to hand out. I was thinking to take some pictures of lanterns, but it turned out that I got the following scene while I was waiting for my friends.

A security assistant came swaggerly.

The girl cried sadly. After she stood there only a little while, law enforcement officers came. Then asked her to leave, They wanted to pull her away. But the girl refuted them while she cried. They couldn’t argue with her but just shut up.

After a while, there came a few more police officers. They started to pull her banner, but they didn’t dare to do it in a too obvious way. Indeed, in front of so many people, police did not dare to over act. It is Shanghai.

During this period, it seems to came a top police man. Under his hint, the police who came earlier began to tear the banner forcefully. They didn’t hide from people any more. Truly, a harmony society is number one.

A large crowd gathered. Someone said: “You (police) should not take things from her (the girl). Is there something that you can not open to public?” The police answered seriously: “We are in the performance of official duties.”

The girl was taken away by four police officers, even her shoes were ripped off.

The girl was brought to the police car this way. A in-harmonic episode in a harmonic society ended. It lasted for about 3 minutes. Our well-trained policemen were truly well trained!


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