A Chinese farmer received life sentence for avoiding road toll

A farmer in Yuzhou city, Henan province (河南省禹州市) was recently sentenced to life in prison for avoiding to pay road toll. In order to make more profits, he bought two trucks and faked them with military plates. Within eight months, the trucks passed the toll booth 2361 time for free and save him 3680 thousand yuan (about US$555,975). Poor farmer. I thought he must have made much more money than the toll cost. It turned out that he only made about 200 thousand yuan (about US$30,000). This means that the toll is 122 time of the money he made and that he would have had to pay 3480 thousand yuan (US$525) for running his business if he didn’t try to avoid the toll.

In China, road toll is a high profit business. More than 70% of the world toll roads are in China. In 2009, this business topped the profiteering industry in China. It is estimated that the profit is more than ten times of the cost to construct the highways.


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