A handicaped father to give his son away for free

Source: xkb.com.cn

Disabled father, pull the banner of street spore: We give our son away for free, who want him?

Huang Jianqiang (黄建强) whose right leg was amputated and his wife held their less than two year old son and appeared under a pedestrian overpass. He tied a banner on his walking stick. The banner writes: “Give our son for free”. He said, the boy has the congenital thalassemia (先天性地中海贫血症) and he is not able to pay for the huge medical cost. “I didn’t want to, but if I don’t, the boy would not survive.” The family lived on government minimum living standard of 500 yuan ($85) per month. The medical cost was estimated to 250,000 – 300,000 yuan ($40,000 – 50,000). The couple said that they didn’t have a choice. The boy would have to die if they keep him.

I saw this piece of news in March 2010. Before I translated it to Chinese recently, I searched the internet to see whether there is any update. Unfortunately, there is none.

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