A family on a shoulder of 10 year old handicaped boy

Source: Qi-Lu Evening News

Haohao is feeding his father who is paralyzed

Haohao (浩浩) of Langxi village, Lishu town, Lishu county, Shanxi Province (山西省临沭县临沭镇琅西村) is a disabled ten years old boy. He has been taken care of his extremely sick parents for two years. His father had liver disease for a long time. In 2000, he married a girl from a neighbor village.

The little Haohao was a healthy and handsome boy when he was born. One accident at the age of four month totally changed his life. He was burned in firewood: his face below eyes and left ear were burned severely; lower lip everted out; saliva leaks out when speaking. All fingers on left hand were gone; the right hand was also burned. His mother was badly traumatized and became insane. His father’s liver problem became worse: now a liver and kidney syndrome. His grandparents passed away. All family burden felled to this ten years old boy:cooking, laundry, removing feces and urine, everything.

With his burn-off fingers, Haohao is doing homework

At 7 am, Haohao must get up to pour dirty water, start stove, help parents to put up clothes. At 7:30 am, he walked for 2 kilometers to an elementary school. At noon, he must return home to cook and help parents to have lunch. In winter, he has to collect leaves, wood and corn stalks to heat the room.

His father’s health becomes worse. He was sent to emergency several times. Every time, he spent several thousand yuan of their saving. In addition, they own debt of 60-70k yuan to relatives.

In school, the most hurting thing to Haohao is that no one wants to share table with him or play with him. Classmates avoid him. Some even treat him in bad way. “I only hope that they will not cut my clothes because they were donated to me from good people.”

Haohao has a wish: cure his burn on face, straighten his right hand. It is time for an operation for his right hand, but the family simply can not afford the cost.

Source: Qi-Lu Evening News

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