The only teacher who is a substitute is substituted by a 12 years old boy

The classroom is unusually cold

On Dec. 30, 2010, a reporter decided to visit a school in remote area to see the sole teacher Li Zhangwa (李章娃) and his 11 students. Starting from Shangqiu (商洛), He took Guodao 312 west for about 60 km and turned into a mountain road and finally went on foot. The shortest road from Wuxing village (五星村) to Raoboling school (尧坡岭学校) on top of mountain takes about an hour. The pupils walk to school daily rain and snow. One of them Guo Xiaoyan (郭小燕) was three hours away from school by foot. If weather is bad, she will not be able to come.

Little teacher Wan Mingcheng (王明成, second from right) is teaching new students

When the reporter arrived, children opened the door of classroom. “Teacher Li was ill and was carried to the town.” a girl named Li Rui (李蕊) said. “Did he get virus?” “Not virus, it is his heart.” It turned out that while the report was climbing the mountain, teacher Li was carried to town hospital via another mountain road.

The classroom is built in 1960s. Seven fourth graders surrounded a small brazier to get warm while they were listening to their leader Wang Mingcheng (王明成) to read text. Four first graders were doing their math problem assigned by Wang.

Children on mountain road to school

Teacher Li started teaching since late 1960s. He is a substitute and makes very little money. He is the only teacher of the school. This time, he suffered myocardial infarction. It is extremely difficult for him and his family.


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One Response to “The only teacher who is a substitute is substituted by a 12 years old boy”

  1. Michael G. Says:

    A timely reminder of life in other parts of the world. Thanks for sharing.

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