There is such a representative

Here is a blog entry “There is such a representative” (有这样一个人大代表) by He Dong (何东) that I read:

I’ve translated part of it to English:

The story happened in a early March. All the roads in Beijing were under high security control against the crowd and then it held a “People’s” general assembly. But all in a sudden, a gang of acquaintances from other places called to invite me out to dinner. So, I did. On the table, I asked: how come you all arrive in Beijing during this special period of time? They the “gang” told me the truth: They were accompanies to a district major who, an NPC representative, came to Beijing for the assembly. So, I was curious: Your major came to the assembly? What was the matter for your guys to come with him? The “gang” explained: Our major thought the meetings during the days were too boring, and he didn’t like the the food and living condition. Therefore, he arrived by airplane and we the followers came by three cars. Three cars? What kind of people? the “gang” friend had a strange smile: “the driver, me the secretary, the chef, and, …… haha …… woman ……”


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