A ten years old boy and his handicapped mother

Takes his mother to her retail table

She (邓兰英) is 45 years old and is only 1.2 meters (3 feet) tall and her lower body is fully disability since her childhood. Her husband died of disease 8 years ago and left behind her and their two children: 10 years old daughter Cui (贾翠) and 2 years old son Feng (贾锋), Two children have been struggled to make daily life with helps from relatives.

Carry his mother on back to tricycle

Three years old, the family decided to make life on their own. So, she rent a retail table on a street market. Since then, the boy has been taking her to work using a tricycle. He secretly borrowed an adult tricycle from his schoolmate and learned how to ride a tricycle when he was six. He did so in order to let her mother “walk”.

The boy has a wonderful dream of the future: He will enter a college, make money, buy a beautiful home, open a retail store, equip it with vending machine, …

Life is sometimes too difficult for people like them. I wish them the best!

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