An Expensive Hope School of China

Source: China News

This is a hope elementary school in Yunyang (云阳) county, Chongqing municipality. It is named as “the most beautiful hope school” by netizens. Most pictures can be found at the website of investor China Overseas. 531 pupils started their new school life here. The total cost is 3500000 Yuan, or US$500,00. To donate a standard hope school, the cost is about 200000 Yuan, or US$28500. That is, with the donation for this beautiful school, there could be 17 hope schools built. “Hope School” is a project ran by China Youth Development Foundation (CYDF).

If you are thinking donation for children in China, a huge foundation like CYDF is definitely one of your choices. But there are many other options out there too.

Here is another example


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