A charity sold mentally retarded people legally in China

This worker holds a cut and stands by the pile of white powder bags idly.

Mentally retarded workers are transporting the original stone.

This is their dormitory.

This is what they eat.

In Toksun, Xinjiang (新疆托克逊) dozen workers received inhuman treatment for three to four years in the building materials factory and were beaten if they try to escape, they have to work as cattle, eat what dogs eat in the same pot, and they don’t earn a penny. Most of them are mentally retarded.

After years of silence the neighborhood around told reporters what they have seen.

The boss Li Xinglin (李兴林) of the factory said that he signed a contract with Team of Self-Support Disabled People (残疾人自强队) of Qu County, Sichuan Province (四川省渠县). So, he claimed that he let those workers to work here legally.

According to Li, The head of Team of Self-Support Disabled People is Zeng Lingquan (乞丐收养所). He accepts homeless people and supply workers to the whole country so that those who can not take care of themselves or those without living security can work and earn money to live. “We have 11 workers. Three are normal, the rests have some mental problems, but they don’t have disability certificate.”

Li shown the contract signed on Sept 9, 2008. The contract stated that Li was responsible for the food, room and transportation fee of a group of five team member and paid Zeng 9000 Yuan; Li would pay 300 Yuan monthly for each member, payable to Zeng. If Li lose one member, he must pay 1000 Yuan.

“I accepted about 30 workers from time to time. Some of them are not able to work. So, I sent them back.” said Li. Li also showed a photo of Zeng and himself and said, “Zeng Lingquan is famous nationwide. There are a lot of reports on him on the internet.”

After this incident is reported on the internet (see and here, the local police took action to rescue the workers and detained the factory boss and son.

China’s law used to have a charge for “the crime of human trafficking”. But in 1997, this is changed to “the crime of trafficking women and children”. Therefore, Trafficking disabled men is not a crime. After this incident, a lawyer Liu Xiaoyuan (刘晓原) in Beijing appealed to NPC Standing Committee to change the law back.

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