Houses of Government officials of the Poorest County in Henan

Source: CIvil Servants paid 175 Yuan per Square meters and Approach to officials villas of national-level poor counties in Henan

In 2007, Shangcheng County (商城县) government of Henan Province (河南省) kept a few dozens of acres of this “retention” to government officials, deputy chief and above, to address the “big four team” (四大班子) staff housing. In this way, each of such officials only needs to spend 2 million yuan to get the value of tens of million of housing land.

Let’s look some of the residents’ houses in the same county.

This is a dormitory of a fertilization plant workers. Here, garbage piles up to a height more than houses. Residents suffer stink from the garbage in summer and flies are seen everywhere. Repeated complaints from workers are ignored.

Mr. Zhang Fan (张凡) of Zhonglaoying group, Jingang village, Wu Qiao town, Shangcheng county (商城县武桥乡金岗村钟老营组) is an old man living alone. Even though the Chinese government invested on building a senior center for lower income residents, the building was occupied as village officers’ offices after they were built. Most of the poor old people are living in such conditions by themselves.

This is the residence of Zhu Dexin family of Hujiazhai group, Gaopeng village, Shiqiao town, Shangcheng County (商城县上石桥镇高棚村胡老宅组).

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