Maybe Chang’e-1 images are indeed online

After I wrote “China will make full Moon image maps available – in print only“, reader pdx writes:

What are you talking about? The Chinese put the CE-1 data online a couple of years ago (07/2008). The website was:

Up to a couple of weeks ago, you could preview sample CE-1 data online. It seems that they have recently brought down the preview for maintenance or updates.

To download the real data, you need to fill out an application form, get the approval, and receive a download link. Many research organizations and space agencies, including ESA, received the data a long time ago.

I thank him/her to point out this website to me and I’ve updated my entry with his/her message. However, the website is in Chinese only and requires an application and approval for login. So, I don’t have access to the data. According to the status report of data publishing, three international organizations among 50 institutes have provided data to this website. They are:

What I don’t understand is that does not have a link from its mother domain and is not mentioned in the Chinese news media. Someone posted an entry at and said: “Not many people know the website Chang’e data center publishing system”. He pointed to and he claimed that anyone can get the data anonymously.


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