Competition of the Moon Missions


Competition of the Moon Missions chart
A Chart made by Chinese

Today – the Chinese National Day, China launched its Chang’e-2 rocket and is said to reach the Moon within 112 hours. Some of simulations are listed on my previous entry: China’s Chang’e 2 Simulations. While all the space communities are watching this event, let me show you an image that shows how the Chinese space community is watching the whole space communities.

The above is an image that circulates on Chinese websites. The title is “The dream to Fly, Global Moon Landing Competition”. The left column lists the achievements/milestones. From bottom up, they are: “Mature Rocket Technology” (成型的火箭技术), “Launch Experiences” (丰富的发射经验), “Moon Satellite” (探月卫星, “Manned Space Mission” (载人航天), “Landing on the Moon” (登陆月球), “Setting up Lunar Base” (建立月球基地), and “Exploiting the Resources on the Moon” (开采月球资源). The blue ball indicates an item that has been achieved (已攻克) and the red ball is an item being worked on (正在探索). A full yellow bar means the funding is fully provided (资金充足) and a half yellow bar means the funding is not sufficient (资金匮乏). A red bar means the human resources are significant (人才充足) and a half red bar means otherwise (人才匮乏). A full blue bar represents advanced technology (技术领先) and a half blue bar the technologies fall behind (技术落后). The bottom line lists the names of all space communities that have some kind of program aiming the Moon. They are (from left to right): China (中国), United States (美国), EU (欧盟), Russia (俄罗斯), Japan (日本), India (印度).

The chart shows that China believes it is in the third place in terms on Moon Missions. It also shows that China believe that the final of all space communities is to exploit the resources on the Moon.

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  2. China will make full Moon image maps available — in print only « Paviavio           Says:

    […] National Day in a bid to analyze the soil structure on the moon by photographing the lunar surface. An earlier chart shows that China believe sit is the final goal of all space powers to get the national resources on […]

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