Coverlet as Slogan by Senior Students of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (BUAA or Beihang University) is the largest engineer supplier to the Chinese aeronautics and space industries. There are 12 thousands undergraduate students studying on campus. So, roughly speaking, there are three thousand students graduated from the school. Not all of them can end up to positions in aeronautics and space industries. Only the top students do. Many of them. don’t and will have to do something different from what they are trained. Are they happy?

Upon graduation, senior students usually convert their coverlets to slogans and hang them out side their dorms to express their feelings, wishes and, perhaps, complains. Here are a few among many.

Your sister is no longer in BUAA, but legends about her stay

Having been in BUAA 307, it is worth of a whole life

To goer, we can not remonstrance. For comer, we can still chase

Miss Feng has said: BNUU male students are best to provide
power. Only BNUU male students are candidates to ge married.

Heaven and Earth, Looking to the Stars and landing feet down to earth
Younger school sisters, your brother left!

Bye bye, the lovers in the garden

More monks than diner bowls; more ? than ?; more male than female. It is good to be female.

Roommates in Room 609 would like to pay high
price to buy pretty girls from all departments.
Mrs. building staffs, we will miss u.

and more …


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