A road supported by three sticks

This is part of a road in Leshan, Sichuan Province, China. Surprisingly, it is supported only by three wood sticks and even more surprisingly, the local transportation administration still keep it open with a warning sign. The above photos were taken on Sept 13, 2010.

The road base was flushed away a month ago by heavy rains. A resident added the three sticks as added safety measure. The county official explained that they were trying to find solutions. First the road was closed, but it caused inconvenience to about 2000 residents. They had to reopen the road. They had asked the motor vehicles to keep away but they could not force the drivers to follow the suggestion. “So far, there is no incident.”


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One Response to “A road supported by three sticks”

  1. ben lorica Says:

    Old-school Materials Science: Three sticks can go a long way.

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