Microwave powered model rocket

Source: Microwave-Powered Rocket Ascends without Fuel

From RLV and Space Transport News, I found this Japanese team’s demo of a microwave powered rocket from earlier this year (2010): Microwave-Powered Rocket Ascends without Fuel: A scale model is further proof that beamed-energy propulsion works – Mims’s Bits/Technology Review – Sept.7.10 (via Instapundit). Here is the video:

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yx2dgDmL_aQ

Using beam, the scientists were able to send pulses of microwave energy into the bottom of their hollow 126 gram rocket model, heating the air within to 10,000 degrees Celsius and resulting in its rapid expansion. The rocket traveled 1.2 meters into the air.



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